Ampersand Interviews

Welcome to our Ampersand series of interviews with writers from all over the world who have a connection to Tuscany.

Beginning in 2016, we published interviews throughout the year, between our quarterly Journals. We hoped to understand a little of what makes each author or artist tick, both through the questions we asked and the piece of work they submitted for Publication in the subsequent journal issue.

Ampersand 14

Author Sonnet Mondal

Ampersand 13

Author Alex Josephy

Ampersand 12

Author Mark Wallace

Ampersand 11

Author Wallis Wilde-Menozzi

Ampersand 10

Author Colleen McKee

Ampersand 9

Writer Jessie Chaffee

Ampersand 8

Poet Alicia Ostriker

Ampersand 7

Writer and Journalist Kamin Mohammadi

Ampersand 6

Author Baret Magarian

Ampersand 5

Poet Elisa Biagini

Ampersand 4

Poet Kevin McFadden

Ampersand 3

 Author Paula McGrath

 Ampersand 2

Author and Performance Artist Lee Foust

Ampersand 1

Author Laura Fraser

Author Laura Fraser