After nearly six years, 22 issues, and 14 interviews, Winter 2019 will be our last issue.

We are longer taking submissions but are happy to hear from you otherwise at 


We like sharp work written with wit and elegance, the essence of the story, the experience, the memory, condensed to an intoxicating gasp.

Please submit only if you have a relationship of some kind with Tuscany, even a brief one is fine as long as the creative work you submit originated, was in part created, or was completed in Tuscany. The work does not need to thematically regard Tuscany in any way.

A note on our themes: they provide a framework to each issue but are not meant to be interpreted too literally. We invite any interpretation or reference to the issue theme.

The Sigh Press accepts online submissions only. Please submit work to the appropriate editor in the body of your email and indicate in the subject line which subcategory you would like to submit. For example, if you are submitting flash fiction of 100 words or less, write ‘Apostrophe’ in the subject line of your email.

Category descriptions and constraints are as follows:

Exclamation Point – Fiction (up to 2000 words)
Apostrophe – Flash fiction (300 words)
Brackets – Creative nonfiction (up to 2000 words)
Comma – Poetry (approx. 25 lines)
Dash – Poetry (approx. 14 lines)
Asterisk – Artwork (one artist per issue)
Accents – Cultural commentary (200-400 words)
Question Mark – Ask a thought-provoking question (50 words)

Please also write a line or two in your submission email about your relationship with Tuscany.

Submissions are free but limited to a total of two submissions per person. For artwork submissions, please send 3 to 5 jpeg images at 300dpi with the greatest pixel dimension at 1000. We would love to hear from artists who with traditional media as well as those who work in animation, illustration, film… the list is endless.

You will usually hear back from us within 12 weeks. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but we ask that you let us know immediately of publication elsewhere so that we can remove your submission.

Fiction & Nonfiction:

Fine Print
None of the work published by The Sigh Press may be copied for purposes other than reviews without the author and artist’s written permission.
All rights revert to authors and artists upon publication.

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