Contributors Issue 20: ‘I found myself in a muddy field full of angry bulls in a remote part of the Netherlands with an empty tank and a full bladder.’

Spring 2019 – Issue 20

Theme: Road Trip

We asked our contributors: Tell The Sigh Press a memorable road trip moment.


DANIELA DAISIES: a pen running on a piece of paper and tracing a line can be easily compared to a road trip. Both have curves, breaks and moments of contemplation. They both are a journey, physically and mentally speaking, and it’s up to us to start the line and guide it (or let it guide us).

I WENT ON A ROAD TRIP to Crema with two friends. At the time I barely knew them, yet at the peak of our excitement at Lago Smeraldo, astonished by the beauty we were looking at, we were joined and seamlessly comprehended one another.

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MARK WALLACE is a journalist and essayist in San Francisco. His writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Wired, Fast Company, Salon, and many others. He is co-author of The Second Life Herald: The Virtual Tabloid That Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse (MIT Press, 2007), one of the first narrative accounts of the social, commercial, and political impact of online games and virtual worlds. He teaches classes in writing, and in navigating the freelance life, at the San Francisco Writers Grotto.


ROAD TRIPPING IN MY 20S and finally reaching the east coast from California after sleeping in my car for weeks. I hit Nags Head, North Carolina, around dawn after a raging thunderstorm and it was one of the first times I recognized beauty and simply and honestly wept.


DIANA DEVLIN is a Scottish-Italian poet who previously worked as a translator, lexicographer and teacher. Her poetry has been widely published in The Lake, The Blue Nib, The Stray Branch, among others. Her home near Loch Lomond is full of music, books and cats, just how she likes it.

I SWEAR I WON’T trust satnav again. In 2009, I found myself in a muddy field full of angry bulls in a remote part of the Netherlands with an empty tank and a full bladder. Not the most comfortable camping trip I’ve ever done but definitely the most memorable!


JOHN GERARD SAPODILLA was told he could be a writer and he believed it. He had some websites where readers came to read his stories for free and then disappeared.
WILLIAM L. STORY is a retired American teacher. Born in Salem, Massachusetts. He used to teach English. He likes literature and Italian red wines.

HE HAD DRIVEN HIS VAN for hours, without meeting a soul, but now a shadow was stirred on the grass by the side of the road. From the figure and the swaying in the light of the headlights, Mario realized it was a female kangaroo.

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