Contributors Issue 22: ‘I like to think that I will become a busy ghost—helping to hasten justice.’

Autumn 2019 – Issue 22

Theme: Legacies.

We asked our contributors: Tell The Sigh Press what your legacy will be.


SAVIA FORSYTH is a budding American-Italian filmmaker, actor and writer- artist. And a volleyball player.

You Tube

FOUR DIGS, FIVE ACES and an assist to a kill.

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ELIZABETH LOGAN HARRIS received the Mississippi Review’s 2018 nonfiction prize. Other journals where her work has appeared include Colorado Review, Conjunctions, Glimmer Train, New England Review, Fiction Southeast, The Rupture and previously in The Sigh Press. She is represented by Union Literary, NYC.

Elizabeth Logan Harris

WHAT BECOMES OF MY WRITINGS, which I consider a link in a chain of collective legacies, will not be up to me. But I like to think that I will become a busy ghost—helping to hasten justice.

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PATRICIA SILVA has been a Professor of Books Art and Printmaking at American university abroad programs in Italy since 2000. She has also led workshops at numerous private and public institutions throughout Italy and maintains a studio in Florence where she creates limited edition, one-of-a- kind and commissioned bookworks.


“WHAT WILL BE MY LEGACY?” An impossible question. I can only offer the following reflection. An early work of mine is entitled I am afraid of forgetting. In the piece, a series of short texts recounts moments in my life I am afraid I may one day no longer remember. As the work unfolds, it ultimately becomes clear that what I am actually afraid of is not so much forgetting as being forgotten.


SONNET MONDAL writes from Kolkata, India. His latest poetry books include Karmic Chanting (Copper Coin 2018) and Ink and Line (Dhauli Books 2018). He has read at numerous international literary festivals and his writings have appeared in publications across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Mondal edits the Indian section of Lyrikline (Haus für Poesie, Berlin) and serves as editor in chief of Enchanting Verses Literary Review. He has been a guest editor for Poetry at Sangam, India, and Words Without Borders, New York. His works have been widely translated.

Sonnet Mondal

When I am here
there is a world locked inside me. And when I am gone
my world would roam the earth.

(from Mondal’s book Karmic Chanting)


CHARLES HALSTED is a retired academic physician who published over two hundred original research articles, book chapters, and reviews during his medical career. After ten consecutive online poetry courses from Stanford Continuing Education and numerous poetry workshops, fifty-one of his poems appear in thirty-three poetry journals and two books of poetry have been published. Many poems explore relationships between physicians and patients.

Breaking Eighty

Extenuation Circumstances

A BODY OF POETRY that brings unique perspectives on human nature. As a former physician turned poet, I hope to inspire other and future generations of physicians to bring theirs as well.

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