Christobel Kent – The Loving Husband. 

Former contributor Christobel Kent (Issue 3 Winter 2014) is currently finishing edits on her new novel, a psychological thriller, The Loving Husband, which will be out in spring 2016.

The novel is set in the bleak Fenland landscape north-east of Cambridge: place of black soil, drainage ditches, and a wide empty horizon where Fran Hall, the mother of small children and living in a remote farmhouse on the edge of the Fens, wakes in the night to find the bed beside her empty and her husband Nathan gone. When she leaves the house to search for him, she makes a terrible discovery, and as the narrative progresses we begin to understand not only that Nathan may not have been the loving husband Fran needed him to be, but that there is also a great deal we do not know about Fran either.

Next up from Christobel: the 6th thrilling installment (possibly the final one) of her series set in Florence with detective Sandro Cellini on the case…